Anyone who has sisters will know the form, the unwritten rules there to be broken and bent

Your clothes are yours, until they dissapear, hidden away, but no harm meant

Shoes, handbags, jewellery there to be swapped, sisterly fashion, all out to impress

Fun to be had , definitely no shortage of choice, many sisters to dress

Sharing is caring, whatever is all the rage, a fashionista or three, no expense spared

When garments goes missing, blouses, skirts, maybe even shoes, at least shoes will be paired

Older sisters seem to be the main target, is it because they set the trend?

Leaving the younger ones with more money to spend

I suppose I was lucky, I had no fashion sense, leaving the next girl in - line, with a burden to carry

Styling younger sisters, missing clothing, fun and games until the sisters leave home and ultimately marry

Sadness and misery follows, with access no more

For the big sisters wardrobe are now filled to the core

No longer having to search, their possessions to find

Unless when leaving home, they had left stuff behind

So what of the youngest, what does she do, no sister to steal from as time marches by

She will have to fend for herself, beg and grovel or cry!




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